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Gregory Kondos Gallery




Department Chair

Student Work

Art Department
Humanities and Fine Arts Division

Art History

ARTH 300 Introduction to Art

ARTH 302 Art: Stone Age Through the Middle Ages

ARTH 304 Ancient Art

ARTH 306 Medieval Art

ARTH 307 Italian Renaissance Art

ARTH 308 Renaissance Tradition in Art

ARTH 310 Modern Art

ARTH 312 Women in Art

ARTH 313 History of Western Architecture: Prehistoric to Renaissance

ARTH 314 History of Western Architecture: Renaissance to Modern

ARTH 318 History of American Art

ARTH 320 Cultural Survey of World Art

ARTH 324 Art of the Americas

ARTH 325 Native American Art History

ARTH 328 Survey of African Art

ARTH 330 Survey of African-American Art

ARTH 332 Asian Art

ARTH 334 International Contemporary Art

"ARTH 360" Introduction to Museum Studies

"ARTH 410" Early 20th Century Art

ARTH 484 Ancient Art-Honors

ARTH 486 Medieval Art-Honors

ARTH 487 Renaissance - Honors

"ARTH 488" Modern Art - Honors

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