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Reaction Paper Outline

Every once in a while I will assign an extra credit opportunity to students enrolled in my courses.  In order to earn extra credit, students must turn in a reaction paper to the source of a point of interest made known by the instructor. 

Student may earn up to 10 points of extra credit for writing a reaction paper.  Extra Credit opportunities are by the instructor's discretion only.  I may/may not assign various extra credit options for this extra credit opportunity to each class.

Reaction paper format needs to include the following 5 areas:

1.1000 words=10 points (anything less will be worth 1-5 points) 

2.Describe the video, article, or event that you attended

3.Identify key events, issues, circumstances of your other words, what stood out to you as memorable, controversial, or interesting in some way and summarize your feelings and reactions.   

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