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Professor Keith R. V. Heningburg
Behavioral & Social Science - History & Social Science


Turabian Style Cover Page


• All lines of the title page should be in capital letters.

• The name of the university or school the paper was written for or at is located on Line 1 or near the top of the page.

• The title of the paper should be around line 5.

• The type of paper that this is should be addressed at around line 12. (For example, it may simply be a “paper”, or it could be a briefing paper, a capstone paper, a thesis, a dissertation, etc. Refer to the assignment handout to find if the instructor has titled the paper as anything specific.)

• Specify who the paper is submitted to on the very next line. This is usually the instructor.

• The department of learning that the paper is being submitted to is specified around line18. For example, the Department of Political Science, Sociology, History, etc.

• The author is specified around line 26. Do not simply put your name, but also make sure the word “By” is there. You can also put a space between the word “By” and your name.

• The city and state of the university are placed around line 32.

• The due date of the assignment can be placed, with the day first, then the month, and finally the year at around line 34. There should be no commas.

• It is important to remember that the title page should be aesthetically pleasing. The line numbers mentioned are simply an approximation, and care should be taken that the entire page is reviewed several times. Using the Print Preview option can be especially helpful in your review process.

• Also, depending on how much wording there is, you can use larger font sizes and the bold option to make the title page easier to read.



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