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Home Pages allow students to share some limited information across the Bb classes that have enabled this option. The information includes:

Intro Message
Personal Information
Favorite Links (3 sites)

Student Home Pages can be accessed from the Group or from the Roster Tools. We have disabled the Roster tool because it displays the student ids and is a privacy issue. To allow students to read each other's home page information follow these steps:

Enable Groups
Control Panel > Manage Tools > Enable Bb Tools >> Groups & Submit
Add the Groups as a new tool area
Control Panel > Add New Tool >> Groups from the pull down menu - rename to "Home Pages"
Add a new Group
Control Panel > Manage Groups > Add Group >> "Student Home Pages" and add a description - click Submit and then ...
Add students to this group
Modify > Add Users to Group >> mark each student in class as a member of this group > Submit

Now Students will see a Home Pages button in the navigation area and have access to the home page information submitted by other students.

Faculty access this area the same way students do ... (not through the Control Panel!).

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