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August 15, 2006 iMail is released for all students.

Faculty will appreciate the option to send email directly from the Online Grading System. The OGS reports if students have activated their iMail accounts.

Automatic forwarding for all iMail accounts has also been enabled. What this means is that if a student has provided Los Rios with a valid email address either through the XAP Application, Supplemental or Peoplesoft eServices, than faculty using the OGS to send mail to their students will be able to have the mail forward to the email address provided by the student. The mail will also still reside in the iMail account so if and when the student activates the iMail account they will still be able to see all messages sent by faculty even if their forwarding address was not valid or they never supplied an email address. Courtesy forwarding, however, can never guarantee message delivery due to a variety of issues such as students entering a non-valid address on their application, or outside vendors closing accounts. The only safe way to send email to student is to ensure that they have activated their full iMail account first.

The URL for iMail is

Login to the OGS to read the news about iMail or follow this link:

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3835 Freeport Boulevard · Sacramento, California 95822
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