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Fall 2009 Courses


SPRING 2010:

WAIT LIST STUDENTS (all classes):  

Wait lists are created once a class is full.   Our course cap for ENGWR 300 is 25, and 28 for other writing classes.  As  research shows that ALL students benefit when class caps are adhered to, I will not go over the 25/28 student cap.

If spots become available (usually because of no-shows or students not having met the pre-requisites), I am required by our department policy to add students according to their wait list numbers.

Usually I'm able to add between 1 and 4 students from the wait list.  Therefore, if your wait list number is higher than 5/6, there is probably very little chance of your being able to add this class.  I suggest that you sign up for an open section.  

Please do not e-mail me with a "plea for admission" as ALL students really really REALLY  need the class, and I do not want to be put in the position of deciding whose case is more urgent!!!  I will add students according to their wait list numbers. 



English Literature 327 - Literature of California


English Writing 301 online

Orientation for this class will be held on Thursday, January 21st at 5:30pm - RS 326.  Remember, orientation is mandatory.  Students who do not attend orientation will be dropped from the roster--no exceptions.  See the English Writing 301 page for more information about textbooks etc.


The following courses are still under construction

Under Construction:

English Education 305

English Writing 40 and 49

English Writing 482





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