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Welcome to the OWL

Welcome to Sacramento City College’s Online Writing Lab (OWL). Find answers to writing and grammar questions, get feedback on writing for class assignments or for the workplace, and consult Internet resources for help with writing and conducting research. Just click on the links!

Ask an English Teacher
Our online English teacher will answer brief, specific questions about your paper, the writing process, or grammar. (For registered SCC students only)

Online Tutoring

You can send a writing project to an online tutor who will help you with organizing, developing, and revising your work. The tutors won’t proofread your paper for every error, but they can identify patterns of mistakes in your writing and show you how to correct them. To get started, click this link and scroll down to Request Tutoring:

How to Get an “A” on an English Paper

Read English Professor Jack Lynch’s advice to see what teachers are looking for.

Grammar Search Engine

Search Jack Lynch’s Guide to Grammar and Style for answers to your writing questions.


Grammar FAQs

Who or whom? Mens’ Room or Men’s Room? When is it OK to use “I”? Check for the answers here.

Or here:


Interactive Exercises

Exercises on grammar, punctuation, and spelling from Purdue.
These exercises with attitude from Grammar Bytes entertain while they teach.

Writing Guide to SCC Writing and Reading Courses
This guide developed by the English Department contains descriptions of classes, the skills each one covers, how papers will be graded, and sample student essays.

SCC Library
Our library offers access to books, media, databases, and other online resources, including help with research.



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