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Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

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Accreditation Resources

The Council of Regional Accreditating Commissions has compiled a guide for accreditation teams to use in their evaluation of institutions.  This guide is a useful resource for institutions like ours that will be evaluated on the "new" standards that focus heavily on a variety of measures of student learning.  

It is worthwhile to review the links below of the accreditation standards and the guide to gain a familiarity with the expectations of the accreditating commission and the criteria that will be used upon our site visit in 2009 and in the review of our self study which will begin in Fall, 2008.

Another useful resource is the ACCJC Annual Report, which is revised annually. This report focuses mainly on the status of Student Learning Outcome development and assessment across all levels of the college.  Check out the link below to see where SCC is in this process.

If you have any questions on these resources, please feel free to contact faculty research coordinator Alan Keys at 

ACCJC Annual Reports

       ACCJC SLO Annual Report 2007-2008 

       ACCJC SLO Annual Report 2006-2007 

Accreditation Standards and Reference handbook:

Council of Regional Accreditating Commissions guide for institutions: Council Guide



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