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General Education Learning Outcome Development at SCC

SCC's GE Learning Outcomes are here!!! 

After over a year in development, the final document was approved by Academic Senate on May 17, 2007. 

GELOs Final

Please review these outcomes and provide feedback on how best to utilize these outcomes in your area or across the college.  Feedback can be directed to the SLO Subcommittee Membership or Alan Keys, Faculty Research Coordinator ( 

Background and resource information is provided below on GELO development and connections to other college processes


What is meant by the term "General Education?"

What are GE Learning Outcomes and Why do we need them?

Campus-wide discussions were held to address what is mant by "General Education" & how our courses and programs contribute to this educational experience.

SCC’s first formal dialogue on GE learning outcomes (GELOs) was held in April, 2006 with two additional forums in August and October.  Approximately 40 faculty, staff and administrators engaged in thoughtful discussions of what constitutes a “general education” for our graduates and how this aligns with our educational values.

Task groups with representatives from across the college were created and worked hard to develop specific GELOs for the areas generated by the campus workshops and discussions in Spring and Fall, 2006.  Feedback from additional forums, committee presentations, division/department meetings, and Enews bulletins was utilized in this process.

Please review the resources below that were used for and generated by these discussions.    

GE Learning Outcome Resources

GELO-Course Alignment Instructions - These instructions were developed to assist department faculty in the alignment of their courses with SCC's GE learning outcome areas.  Beginning in Spring, 2011, the SLO subcommittee of the Academic Senate will be utilizing these alignments to begin the process of course-embedded assessment of our GELOs.

GE regulations and recommendations

SCC's AA/AS grad requirements: Current course list for SCC's GE and competency requirements 

GE Regulation Summary Matrix

Los Rios Board Policy: LRCCD Board of Trustees policy on General Education

SCC GE Checklist

Title V GE Regulations

Accreditation GE Recommendations

GELO Task Group Information

Task group membership

GELO Proposal - This proposal was presented to Academic Senate (12/5) and Executive Council (12/6) 

GELO examples from other colleges

Bloom's taxonomy - 3 domains

Good practices in GELO development

College Discussions and Presentations on GELOs

GE Learning Outcomes: A Campus Discussion: April, '06

         Proposed GELOs - April '06: Draft outcomes from April workshop

GELO Development Workshop Fall Flex, '06

         Proposed GE Areas: Ideas on GE areas and Good Practices generated from Fall, '06 workshop

GELO Forum Summary - These minutes from the November, '06 SLO advisory group meeting summarize the results of the four GELO forums and details the proposal for GELO development


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