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Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

Welcome to the SLO assessment and faculty research resource site!


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SLO Assessment Strategy, Plans, and Tools (Updated Fall, '11)

Program Learning Outcome (ProLO) resources (Revised Fall, '08)

Student Service SLOs

SCC's GE Learning Outcome (GELO) resources

SLO Subcommittee (aka Advisory Group)

SCC's SLO Philosophy Statement

SLO Presentations & Status Reports

Web Resources

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Course SLO Tools

Check out the Department SLO Assessment Strategy and Planning Tools for resources on course-level SLO assessment planning and reporting.

Locating Your Course SLOs - This resource describes different methods to find the SLOs for your courses. 

Steps in Developing Course SLO Assessments  -  SCC's step-wise guide is designed to assist with designing SLO assessments at the course level. 

Course SLO Assessment Workshops '07-'08 - This presentation provides practical tools to assist faculty in the development of course SLO assessments and in the use of the SLO assessment planning templates.

Comprehensive resource for course and program SLO assessment development - The resources on this website from Bakersfield College are amazing!  It is basically a mini professional development course on how to design SLO assessments.  Take a look at individual modules or engage in the full process.

SCC's Rubric development tool

CSU scoring rubrics -

Report of Course SLOs - April, 2009

Course SLO Report


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