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Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

Welcome to the SLO assessment and faculty research resource site!


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Faculty projects: SLO assessment and Classroom research

Selected Faculty Projects

The research projects below were conducted as a component of the SCC SLO assessment institutes ('03-'04 and '04-'05) or from faculty's own interests.  Thomas Miner's project was part of a larger Carnergie Fellowship study.

Instructor or Student Moderated Discussion Boards: Which is More Effective?  Assessing Learner Outcomes in a College Composition Class - Tom Miner, English Department 

Identifications in History 310 - Written vs. Multiple choice quiz techniques.  Assessment of learning outcomes in a US History course - Don Palm, History Department

Disability and Success in Mathematics: A study of students in HCD 85 - David Hagerty, DSPS



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