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Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

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SLO Subcommittee

The Student Learning Outcomes Subcommittee (formerly known as the SLO Advisory Group) of the SCC Academic Senate is actively engaged in its 7th year of supporting SLO assessment efforts across all areas of the college.  The SLO Subcommittee Membership is open to any college faculty or staff interested in SLO assessment and is currently composed of instructional and student service faculty and Deans representing most of the academic divisions.

The aim of the group is to provide support for SLO assessment efforts, questions, and concerns of faculty and staff across the college community. Important roles for this group include facilitating communication on SLOs at all levels and helping to integrate SLO efforts across divisions

In it's first year, the group produced SCC's SLO Philosophy Statement which was adopted by the Academic Senate in May, 2005.  This statement was the product of an inclusive dialogue that engaged the college community and has as its aims " to provide a foundation of shared values of SLO assessment, clarify the intention of SLO assessment, and facilitate an ongoing a way that best serves our students."

The GE Learning Outcomes were adopted in Spring, 2007 and are currently stimulating discussions on institution level SLOs and curriculum development.  See GELOs Final

Throughout the '07-'08 academic year, the SLO advisory group played a major role in the development of the SLO Assessment Strategy and associated SLO planning tools. These were first adopted by Academic Senate in 2008 and recently updated in spring, 2010 to include the Departmental SLO Assessment Multi-Year Plan and Annual Course SLO Assessment Reporting Form.  

Ongoing initiatives for the group include:

I.    Support SLO assessment efforts in Instruction and Student Services

II.   Assist departments in developing & implementing their SLO assessment plans

III.  Collaborate with departments on integrating SLO information with Unit Plans and   Program Review

IV.   Further develop processes for synthesizing existing course level assessments with program and GE levels

V.     Expand breadth of group and increase communication with departments/units.

For more information regarding the group's history, role and current activities see:

Charge for SLO Advisory Group

SLO advisory group minutes and more

If you have any questions regarding the adivsory group or if you are interested in participating, contact the faculty research coordinator, Alan Keys (ext. 2941 or or Academic Senate President, Connie Zuercher (ext. 2445 or

You may also contact any of the current members for more insights.  SLO Subcommittee Membership




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