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Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

Welcome to the SLO assessment and faculty research resource site!


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Web Resources

Web Resources on Assessment
(“**” indicates an SLO-specific resource)


Key SLO Resources:

** Sacramento City College SLO Assessment – This site presents information on SLO assessment efforts at SCC including resources from the SCC SLO advisory group, primers and materials on SLO assessment at the course and program levels and examples of SLO materials and results generated by SCC faculty projects.


**California Assessment Institute – Assessment Worth Doing Workshop resources - “The California Assessment Initiative is intended for faculty and staff, administrators, research and assessment professionals, and policy makers interested in promoting the practice of assessment in higher education in general, and in the CCCs in particular. It is intended to provide quick access to a wide variety of principles, resources, materials, tools, organizations and points of contacts dealing with assessment in higher ed.” This is a must see! An excellent portal for current SLO resources.


**Cabrillo College SLOs Assessment and Accreditation – This is a comprehensive site that contains handbooks, projects, information on the history of SLO development at a CC, and links to other key resources for SLO assessment in both instructional and student services.


**California State University, Sacramento - Learning Outcomes Project - A great resource for articles and practical tools for assessment of both instruction and student affairs.  A huge selection of traditional and non-tradiational rubrics are available via the "Scoring Rubrics" links.


Accreditating Commission of Community and Junior Colleges - This site provides a variety of detailed and summary information on the accreditation process.  The text of the standards themselves are an important resource and can be accessed by selecting the "Core Documents and Publications" link.


Additional General and SLO Assessment sites:


American Association of Higher Education: 9 Principles of Good Practice in Assessment. 

This national organization for higher education is no longer in existence but had a substantial impact on assessment theory and practice including issues at the community college level.  These "Principles of Good Practice" are still widely cited and utilized as a philosophical basis for many assessment efforts in higher education.


Angelo and Cross's Teaching Goals Inventory (online) -" The Teaching Goals Inventory (TGI) is a self-assessment of instructional goals. Its purpose is threefold: (1) to help college teachers become more aware of what they want to accomplish in individual courses; (2) to help faculty locate Classroom Assessment Techniques they can adapt and use to assess how well they are achieving their teaching and learning goals; and (3) to provide a starting point for discussion of teaching and learning goals among colleagues."

**California Academic Press - Student Outcomes Assessment: Opportunities and Strategies. Suggestions for Getting Started -  A great source for an introduction to student outcome assessment. Answers the “Why” and “What is it good for” questions.


**Center for Student Success – Research and Planning Group of CA. –“The Center for Student Success (CSS) identifies and disseminates effective practices in California’s community colleges. This web site provides you with access to the CSS’s findings, and features successful practices developed by community college practitioners in six knowledge areas: Student Success, Diversity, Teaching & Pedagogy, Learning Assessment, Planning, and Evaluation.”


**Cosumnes River College SLO site - "This website is part of our ongoing effort to provide faculty with materials as we learn to assess student learning outcomes as well as tools to help us implement these strategies in our courses."


Free Assessment Summary Tool (FAST), Mt. Royal College.  User-friendly, web-based tool for developing on- or off-line assessment instruments. Also includes a huge database of assessment questions on  a variety of issues. “The FAST project is committed to providing users with a simple online tool for assessing their students' impressions of their courses and their teaching.”


**League for Innovation in the Community College, 21st Century Learning Outcomes Project.  – “Sixteen community colleges are participating in the League’s 21st Century Learning Outcomes Project with the goal of increasing the capacity of community colleges to define and document student achievement of learning outcomes necessary for success in the workplace, in transfer education, and in today’s society.”


**Handbook of Assessment for Two-Year Colleges, Ed Morante, College of the Desert -This handbook was supported by a grant from the California Community College Chancellor's office and is an excellent resource for background information and current perspectives on assessment of Basic Skills, General Education, Programs, and Student Services. A comprehensive guide for major issues in student learning outcome assessment.


Southern Illinois University, Classroom Assessment Techniques – Excellent source for descriptions and examples of the Angelo-Cross methods of embedded, classroom assessment.


**University of Colorado, Boulder Undergraduate Outcome Assessment – A comprehensive samplings of assessment methods used by academic departments and programs.


Washington Center for Improving the Quality of Undergraduate Education: Collaborative learning handbook.  VERY comprehensive resource on different techniques of student assessment with a special focus on assessing collaborative learning and Learning Communities.



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