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Teaching Innovations from SCC Faculty

"Thank you" to the faculty below for sharing some of their teaching strategies!  If you have an innovative teaching method that you would like to share here, please email   Mary Ann Robinson has provided a list of books on effective teaching, all of which are available in the LRC.  Please scroll past the "innovations" section to see this list. 

"Breaking Down Barriers and Building Up Team Work" from James Leach, Administration of Justice

"Although individual responsibility is paramount to learning, I use a variety of exercises to acknowledge diversity and similarity.  On the first day, I conduct a large group exercise in which I identify different group categories, then have students self-select which category best fits them.  They then move into their groups.  Again, the categories will exemplify diversity and similarities.
Another exercise that I conduct on the first day is to have each student introduce themselves and state their name.  Then I will challenge any student to recite as many names as they can recall - a reward might motivate participation!"
"Point Coupons" from Julia McMichael
"This is a "borrowed" innovation, but I find it helpful.  Since my classes (and student learning) depend on class participation, I use a "coupon" good for 1 extra point on any exam.  This is awarded to students who bring ideas, questions, etc. to class.  I tell them I shall award it intermittantly, however, if they spoke in class, they can always claim one.   It works!"
"Improving Note-taking Skills" from Bill McGrath, Business Department
"Throughout my college and law school career, I learned to take notes not only in class, but when I was reading the textbook, casebook, studying with other students, etc.  It was from my notes that I studied for my exams.
With that as background, I am dismayed by the number of students in my classes that just sit there - no notetaking at all.  I have told them that their ability to retain information is about 7% of what they hear, then it doubles if they write it down, and it continues to increase if they share it with another student within 24 hours and discuss and expand their notes as they do so.
I give 4 - 25 question quizzes, a midterm, and a final exam.  I have been offering the 4 quizzes as open-note quizzes, and I go over the quizzes after I grade them, to give my students an opportunity to add to their notes.  Note-taking in my classes has gone up significantly.
In addition, sometime during the class, I ask my students to hand in their notes.  Just for doing so, I give them 5 extra points (I grade on a point system), and then I critique the notes and offer suggestions on improving their note-taking.  That can earn them an additional 5 points, for a potential 10 extra points for their note-taking.
I know all that takes a lot of extra time for me, but I am committed to the success of my students, especially since my classes are potentially 'career-track' classes, rather than core college classes for which they might not see any practical application after they leave school."
"Calling Cards" from Jeanne Amato
"I have a borrowed one also:  Write down students names on a small card.  Mix up the cards and draw a card to call on them for class activities.  No one will consider you picking on them, and it will keep them on the activity."


Effective Teaching Books Available in the SCC Library

Please use LOIS, the library catalog, to find more books, or ask a librarian for assistance.  Books in this list are located on the 3rd floor of the Learning Resource Center.


Bates, Tony and Gary Poole.  Effective teaching with technology in higher education: foundations for success.     
LB2331 .B378 2003             

Brookfield, Stephen.  The skillful teacher: on technique, trust, and responsiveness in the classroom.
LB2331 .B68 1990              

Cyrs, Thomas E.  Essential skills for college teaching: an instructional approach.         
LB2331 .C9 1994               

D'Amato, Michael J.  The classroom.  LB1025.3 .D35 2005

Evidence-based educational methods.  Edited by Daniel J. Moran, Richard W. Malott.
This book is available as an
ebook through LOIS.  Valid library card required for off-campus access.  

Greive, Donald.  A handbook for adjunct & part-time faculty & teachers of adults.
LB2331 .G72 2003              

Greive, Donald.  Teaching strategies & techniques: for adjunct faculty.
LB2331 .G735 2002   

Johnson, David W. Roger T. Johnson, and Karl A. Smith.  Active learning: cooperation in the college classroom.
LB1032 .J55 1991              

Nilson, Linda B.  Teaching at its best: a research-based resource for college instructor.
LB2331 .N54 1998       

To teach with soft eyes: reflections on a teacher/leader formation experience.  Rica Garcia, editor.
LB2331 .T6 2000               

Shoemaker, Betty Jean, and Larry Lewin.  Innovative instruction: a menu of teaching tools for effective student learning.
LB1025.3 .S46 2003            

Schultz, Katherine.  Listening: a framework for teaching across differences.
LB1027 .S36638 2003           

Stronge, James H.  Qualities of effective teachers.
LB1025.3 .S789 2002    

This book is also available as an ebook through LOIS.  Valid library card required for off-campus access.       

Stronge, James H.  Handbook for qualities of effective teachers

This book is available as an ebook through LOIS.  Valid library card required for off-campus access.       


Weimer, Maryellen.  Improving college teaching: strategies for developing instructional effectiveness.
LB2331 .W37 1990      


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